A fully online, self-paced & faculty-guided medical research experience course providing pre-health students a structured opportunity to learn about, conduct, and author scientific medical research to support the discovery of new therapies for modern human disease.  



Pre-Health Students Enroll In This Online

Course To:

  • Help discover therapies for human diseases through engaging in original scientific medical research scholarship.

  • Gain modern medical research skills & experience.

  • Gain authorship in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

  • Gain hands-on experience using modern internet-based scientific research tools provided by the US National Library of Medicine (NLM). 

  • Receive an academic letter of recommendation signed by Doctoral Course Faculty verifying topics learned & the quality of medical research conducted (upon successful course completion). 

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This is a course developed & administered by the International School of Biomedical Sciences at the Pacific Health Sciences University. Federal ID Number: 823636987.

The Mission of this unique Course is to serve as a broadly-accessible educational opportunity for individuals that are interested in enhancing their understanding of world-class modern advances in the biomedical sciences.  To fulfill this mission, this Course's primary objective is that each student successfully completing it will attain the following 4 benefits:

  1. Achieve the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) published below.

  2. Gain real-life exposure to world-class biomedical research facilities. 

  3. Gain real-life experience interacting with and learning from world-class biomedical research scientists. 

  4. Receive a Certificate of Study in Modern Biomedical Advances, signed by our doctoral dean & faculty, verifying Course topics learned.

Course Curriculum & Student Learning Outcomes

Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering

Stem Cell Biology &

Regenerative Medicine

Therapeutic Drug Discovery & Development

Days 1-2


9AM-5PM Per Day



University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Participants experience at least 8 expert-led seminar lectures on modern advances in stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, and therapeutic drug discovery & development.

Days 3-4


9AM-5PM Per Day



Biomedical Laboratories at UCLA, UCI, USC, and City of Hope. 


Participants experience guided tours of at least 4 professional laboratories where world-class biomedical research is actively conducted by a diverse array of scientific experts. 

Days 5-7


9AM-5PM Each Day



PHSU Biomedical Research Laboratory in Los Angeles, California. 


Over the course of 3 days, participants are immersed in an active biomedical research laboratory, where they gain hands-on experience using modern molecular biology & genetic engineering tools to study potential  therapies for human diseases.

Curriculum Overview:

This is a 7-day, 56-hour, face-t0-face (f2f) scientific Course.  Over the span of 7 consecutive days, students enrolled in this program engage in seminar-style interactive lectures led by active scientists, receive guided tours of world-class biomedical laboratories, and perform hands-on research laboratory exercises.  

The topics of study emphasize the following areas of modern biomedical science, given their potential to positively impact human health in the coming decade:

Student Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful Course completion, participants will have demonstrated their capacity to effectively:

  • Describe the significance & mechanisms of modern advances in the biomedical sciences as related to genetic, cellular, and drug-based therapeutics for human diseases. 

  • Describe the biological basis & epidemiology of at least 1 modern human disease.

  • Conduct a laboratory-based, mini-research project relevant to at least 1 modern human disease with at least 2 tools of modern molecular biology. 

Course Location

On each day of the Course, the students are instructed to meet at 9AM at the main campus of the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), located at: 10833 Le Conte Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90095.  From there, students travel as a group to various lecture rooms and research laboratories throughout the County of Los Angeles to complete Course Activities. The County of Los Angeles is home to world-class biomedical and medical facilities, and thus serves as a fertile ground for this Course. 

Course Core Faculty

Dr. Taruna Ikrar, MD, MPharm, PhD

Dr. Ikrar is a physician-scientist & science educator with more than 25 years of biomedical research training & experience.  His scientific research has been published in world-class peer reviewed scientific journals & continue to be cited by scientists & clinicians on an international scale. He also currently serves as the Dean of the International School of Biomedical Sciences (ISB) at the Pacific Health Sciences University.

Dr. Walter Francesconi, PhD

Dr. Francesconi is a biomedical scientist & science educator with more than 40 years of biomedical research training & experience.  His scientific research has been published in world-class peer reviewed scientific journals & continue to be cited by scientists & clinicians on an international scale. He also serves on the faculty of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) as a research professor.

additional Course information

Admission Criteria:

The Modern Biomedical Advances (MBA) Course is open for admission to individuals who seek to enhance their understanding of modern world-class advances in the biomedical advances. 

Academic Credit & Certificate of Study:

This is a 56-hour (2 Semester Units of Academic Credit) Course.  Participants that successfully complete this Course receive a Certificate of Study in Modern Biomedical Sciences, signed by the Course Faculty.

Course Schedule (2018): 

Summer & Fall of 2018.  Specific dates will be posted here on June, 2018.


How to Enroll: 

Individuals seeking enrollment into this Course are invited to complete & submit the online enrollment application form cited below to initiate our online enrollment application process: