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Biomedical Sciences

The Mission of the International School of Biomedical Sciences is to provide 

world-class courses and programs that facilitate individual acquisition

of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the effective discovery &

communication of modern biomedical knowledge. 

Courses & Programs:

Medical Research 



A fully online, faculty-guided & self-paced research experience course for pre-doctoral students. Participants learn about & conduct the systematic review  & meta-analysis (SRMA) type of medical research

Clinical Research

Design & Administration

Certificate program


bioMedical research

Master of science (MS) Degree program


clinical experience


A hospital-based, 1 month clinical experience course open to pre-doctoral students.  Participants observe & assist with medical procedures alongside healthcare professionals at hospitals around the world. 

Modern Biomedical Advances


A campus-based, 7-day course open to the public.  Participants learn about modern biomedical advances through live expert-led seminars, tours of active biomedical research laboratories, & hands-on biotech exercises.

Aging Research Program.jpg

Biology of aging & regenerative medicine

doctoral (phd) Degree program

About our Founding dean:

Taruna Ikrar, MD, MPharm, PhD, is an internationally-recognized physician, biomedical scientist and

biomedical educator with more than 20 years of progressively responsible experience in:

  • Practicing medicine as a licensed physician at private and public government hospitals.

  • Conducting biomedical research in university & hospital settings.

  • Providing formal academic curriculum development & instruction for undergraduate, doctoral and

    post-doctoral biomedical education programs in university & hospital settings.

  • Providing supervisory management & professional development of clinical & research staff in

    university and hospital settings.

Over the past decade, Dr. Ikrar's ground-breaking biomedical discoveries in the cardiovascular and neurological sciences have been published in numerous world-class peer-reviewed research journals including Nature, Circulation, American Journal of Cardiology, Journal of Physiology, Neuron, and Frontiers in Neural Circuits, and have earned funding from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). His current research activity is focused on advancing the understanding and treatment of aging-associated neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Ikrar has obtained lawful permanent residence in the United States by qualifying as a physician-scientist of extraordinary ability (EB-1 Visa, aka “genius visa”), and is thus recognized by the US Department of State as an individual that "is one of that small percentage who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavor".



In a dynamic world experiencing rapid evolution, prospective learners should not need to wait several months or a year to learn about their admission status or start their desired program of study. Accordingly, we admit prospective learners into our programs of study at any time during the year as the long as the prospective learner meets the program's published admission requirements & the program has room for enrollment.

Student-controlled learning pace.

Our educational courses & programs are powered by a world-class online learning management system (LMS) that enable our students to complete their study at a pace that they help determine with the collaboration of faculty. 


 tuition fees.

As a private, non-profit, student-centered & technology-powered school, we are able to offer our world-class educational courses & programs at tuition rates that are significantly lower than traditional brick-and-mortar colleges & universities. 

Our Educational Features:

evaluation by expert faculty

Our students receive guidance & constructive feedback on their program assignments & projects from faculty members that are:

  • Active & published biomedical scientists.

  • Experienced science educators. 

  • Holders of one or more graduate degrees in fields related to the biological & biomedical sciences.

  • Dedicated to promoting student success.



Our courses & programs are powered by a cloud-based online (internet-accessible) classroom that our students can access with their personal computer from anywhere & anytime to:

  • Access assignments & learning materials [e-books & written content, videos & animations, live lectures].

  • Submit completed assignments for faculty evaluation.

  • Communicate with faculty & fellow students. 



Curricula of our courses & programs are constructed as sets of experiences designed to foster the achievement of publicly expressed student learning outcomes (SLOs), and integrates contemporary, evidence-informed expertise from the following sources:

  • Doctoral Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with public track records of academic excellence.

  • Currently active professional scientists & healthcare providers. 


 Contact Information:

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  • Phone: 661-200-7210

  • Fax: 661-200-7216

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